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1. Methodology

Before explaining the methodology it is important to note that some planned and some unplanned changes have taken place since the original research proposal.

The original research topic of: An investigation into the traditional principles of marketing in light of emarketing [in the aviation industry] was changed. The new research topic is: An investigation into the traditional principles of marketing [the marketing mix] in light of the impact of Ecommerce within the aviation training industry.


1.1 -1.4 The marketing mix

The marketing mix is arguably the most renowned marketing theory or all time (Eid 2002). The phrase “marketing mix” was coined by Borden (1964) in the early sixties after reading Culliton’s (1948) work in which he describes a business executive as a “mixer of ingredients” (Rafiq et al 1995). This formed a milestone in the development of marketing planning and the conversation of planning into practice.

When the phrase marketing mix was initially coined by Borden (1964) he suggested twelve fundamental principles that would make up the mix thus becoming the starting point of a marketing campaign, these were: